Meet Our Staff

Our people can give you that extra service and knowledge because we spend our resources to educate them.
We offer education to the public, by true health professionals. We support Fair Trade products and implement that same concept within our organization, making a priority out of financially rewarding our staff fairly
for the work they do for all of us.


Dan Mulrooney

Deli Manager

Dan has a Psychology degree from Radford University. He is a visual artist, musician, and songwriter that lives in New Baltimore with his family and golden mix dog.  He has been making music for 25 years and plays locally in bars throughout Warrenton, Virginia. He enjoys hiking, skateboarding, basketball and foraging. He is also a fly fisherman. He enjoys cooking and using fresh, bright natural flavors in his food. 

Francesca Cabral

Sales Associate

In March 2015, Francesca Cabral joined our team as a Sales Associate after having recently moved to Fauquier County. Although born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Francesca has called Virginia home for the past 16 years. She received her undergraduate degree in Italian Literature from Vassar College and then went on to pursue a post-baccalaureate premedical degree from Columbia University. After working in the medical field for many years, she realized that holistic nutrition was the avenue to true and lasting health and it quickly became her passion in life. She greatly enjoys integrating her science background with her love of cutting edge nutrition research to help educate others on their path to wellness. In her spare time, Francesca also enjoys reading, birding, travelling, foreign languages, fashion, and discovering creative ways to eat healthy foods.


Jed Page

Massage Therapist


Jed Page is a second-generation massage therapist, proudly honoring his mother's standard of professionalism. He's been studying massage for 30 years, practicing in amazing places for 20 years, and is now happy to be living in Virginia, where he's been teaching massage for three years. Jed loves using his knowledge and experience to give you an excellent massage, and to help you understand and take care of your body. In addition to giving massages he also teaches a massage license class on every other Saturday and every Sunday. His other passions include rock climbing and hiking.


Book your appointment with Jed by calling NMP @ 540-349-4111.



Sales Associate

Madeleine is a city gal in a country state of mind and living. Born and raised in NYC, Madeleine moved to Massachusetts and lived on a 3rd generation commercial apple farm with farm store and award winning cider.  After two plus decades, Madeleine then moved to the Warrenton/Rappahannock Area.

With degrees in veterinary technology and biology, Madeleine spent many years working, training and mentoring others at UMass Medical School in Worcester. The move south to the Mid Atlantic included a career change and expansion from academia to corporate animal health pharma sales and consulting. Having experienced and seen firsthand the results of mainstream medicine on the human and animal sides, Madeleine found that the uses of big pharma medications and medical modalities were not often the best routes for her, her family or her many dogs.  She consistently found much more down to earth, natural, effective and comfortable ways to heal and stay healthy.    

Not eating processed foods helped Madeleine grow and stay healthy and vibrant. She also found that using natural products, supplements, herbs and positive and productive natural alternatives she could age gracefully with high activity, comfort and happiness. With interests in sustainability and low carbon footstep, Madeleine encourages herself and other to live sensibly recycling and where possible re-using. By being mindful and deliberately including the love of friends, family, pets, arts, music, nature and more on a daily basis she has greatly enhanced her dogs’ and her lives. Madeleine is happy to share her practical knowledge and experiences with others.


Kristina is an experienced sales associate with plenty of knowledge on vitamins and supplements. She studied holistic nutrition and considers herself a “jack of all trades” when it comes to health and wellness. When Kristina isn’t being a vitamin rockstar at The Natural Marketplace, she can be found running around with her daughter. Kristina enjoys seeing live music, thrifting, collecting jewelry, and hiking. ⁣

Fun fact: Kristina has worked in health food stores for over 12 years.⁣

Kristina Christiansen

Sales Associate


Gina Hill

Sales Associate

You might recognize Gina from when she worked at The Natural Marketplace a few years ago. Gina is the queen of the lectin-free diet. She credits the diet for helping clear up her severe cystic acne, relieving her migraines, and healing her gut. She has helped bring in many new products into The Natural Marketplace that are compliant to the lectin-free diet. ⁣

In her spare time, Gina can be found creating tasty recipes on her Instagram and blogging about being an autoimmune warrior by fighting daily to reverse Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, and Epstein–Barr virus.

Fun fact: Gina is also a Plant Paradox Coach, a Certified Essential Oil Coach, and a Virginia state licensed pharmacy technician.⁣



You can’t miss Niki with her contagious laugh and warm smile! She brings a great deal of retail experience to our team and knows her way around all-natural living and homeopathy. When Niki isn’t exploring Warrenton, she can be found globetrotting and tasting exotic foods. She even lived in India for a few years! Her passion lies in spending time with her pets, exploring the local farmers market, dinner parties with her friends, and hiking.

Fun fact: Niki once owned a vintage clothing company in Middleburg, VA.


Niki Stephenson

Sales Associate