Meet Our Staff

Our people can give you that extra service and knowledge because we spend our resources to educate them.
We offer education to the public, by true health professionals. We support Fair Trade products and implement that same concept within our organization, making a priority out of financially rewarding our staff fairly
for the work they do for all of us.

Danielle Dawson Store manager

Danielle Dawson

Store manager

Danielle spent almost 3 years cooking in the Natural Marketplace Organic Deli, serving fresh & healthy meals with a side of Holistic Health advice. Though she has a bachelor's degree in fine arts and minored in Psychology, Danielle admits she studied nutrition and natural health concepts all the while, implementing organic lifestyle changes herself, and supporting those in need of guidance around her. Danielle and her husband own a farm in Fauquier County where they raise grass finished beef cattle, free range chickens, grow organic produce, and strive to improve and increase their operation each year. They are also active participants of the John Marshall Water Conservation Program which improves the health of watersheds and natural wildlife habitats. Danielle aspires to create a Health and Wellness Retreat in the future, opening their farm to the public to provide educational and spiritually therapeutic workshops for the growing like-minded community.

Brandon Scott Head Chef

Brandon Scott

Head Chef

Born in Culpeper, Virginia, and uprooted to New York state at the age of 9, Brandon grew up being artistic in any way he could find possible. After high school, he attended the State University of NY Delhi, and recieved his bachelors degree in Culinary Arts Management. After graduating, something was calling him back to his home in Virginia. Landing a job in a fine dining restaurant in his home town of Culpeper, Brandon was able to gain a plethora of knowledge of the restaurant business outside of what he learned culinary school. After two and a half years there, he found himself wanting more out of his career, which is when he joined our family at The Natural Marketplace. Since coming here, Brandon has expanded his horizons and has mastered creating delicious and creative dishes, made from entirely organic and healthy ingredients. In Brandon's free time, he enjoys spending time with his two dogs, and exploring nature.

Liz Barton-Pullen SAles Associate

Liz Barton-Pullen

SAles Associate

Seven years ago, Liz adopted alternative healing therapies to include meditation (for relaxation, mindfulness and pain management), yoga, acupuncture, regular exercise, and eating a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet, in addition to an immune-supportive herbal and supplementation program. Prior to this, Liz spent many years working long hours in a corporate environment and later owning her own business, raising a family, and being the caretaker for more than a decade for a chronically ill family member when her body was relaying signals she no longer could ignore, largely brought on by the acute-on-chronic stress. For 15 years, she suffered from chronic migraines and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her mid-30s. One decade later, she was diagnosed with osteopenia and autoimmune disease. Liz now chooses a better, daily sustainable lifestyle, which has greatly improved her quality of life. While on her healing and wellness journey, Liz aspires to advocate for disease prevention by setting a good example through practicing multiple mind-body approaches and bringing health awareness to others in the community who also struggle with stress and health challenges. Liz and her family have resided in Fauquier County for 25  years. She enjoys organic gardening, preparing nourishing meals, meditating in nature, practicing yoga with her cat, Riley, and researching and writing about current nutrition and health studies and sustainable, healthy market trends, hanging out with her teenage son, Nathan, and taking regular walks with her Cairn terrier, Maggie.

Francesca Cabral SALES ASSOCIATE

Francesca Cabral


In March 2015, Francesca Cabral joined our team as a Sales Associate after having recently moved to Fauquier County. Although born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Francesca has called Virginia home for the past 16 years. She received her undergraduate degree in Italian Literature from Vassar College and then went on to pursue a post-baccalaureate premedical degree from Columbia University. After working in the medical field for many years, she realized that holistic nutrition was the avenue to true and lasting health and it quickly became her passion in life. She greatly enjoys integrating her science background with her love of cutting edge nutrition research to help educate others on their path to wellness. In her spare time, Francesca also enjoys reading, birding, travelling, foreign languages, fashion, and discovering creative ways to eat healthy foods.

Lissy Tropea Markteting & office manager

Lissy Tropea

Markteting & office manager

Lissy is the owner and baker of Pies + Petals, a boutique pie and floral company that delivers seasonal baked goods and custom designed bouquets throughout Northern VA and DC. She also freelances as a  photographer, web designer & developer, and small business consultant. When she's not pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, you'll find her writing, doing crosswords, drinking coffee, and enjoying time with her family in the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains. 

Elizabeth McMillan nutritionist & sales associate

Elizabeth McMillan

nutritionist & sales associate

Elizabeth McMillan, is a graduate from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  She received her Masters of Science degree in Integrative Health and Nutrition.   Elizabeth is a board certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist practitioner.  The CNS is a certification dedicated to the science based medical nutrition therapy.  Her bachelor’s degree is from The Pennsylvania State University in Nutrition.  She is currently a board member on the Penn State Nutrition and Dietetics Alumni Society. 

Elizabeth specializes in functional nutritional therapy and integrative health.  Functional nutrition focuses on building health by restoring proper physiological function and integrative health takes into account the whole person as well as all aspects of lifestyle.   She believes in finding the root cause of aliments and creating a personalized dietary plan in order to restore optimal wellness.  By bridging natural therapies and working alongside your other health practitioners, Elizabeth specializes in diabetes, metabolic syndrome, food sensitivities, gastrointestinal health, autoimmunity, chronic inflammation and fatigue as well as other metabolic complications.  She believes there is a cohesive link between the foods we eat and all of the processes throughout the body.  Often times a symptom we are experiencing is our body’s way of telling us that there is something wrong on a biochemical level.

Elizabeth is from Berks County, PA and grew loving Penn State football.  She loves cooking, being outside with her Italian Greyhound, hiking, and keeping up with a general workout routine including kickboxing, yoga and crossfit.  Elizabeth loves food, and aims to empower others with their food choices and cooking skills so taste is never compromised.  She is also an assistant cooking teacher at MUIH.    

Madeleine  sales associate


sales associate

Madeleine is a city gal in a country state of mind and living. Born and raised in NYC, Madeleine moved to Massachusetts and lived on a 3rd generation commercial apple farm with farm store and award winning cider.  After two plus decades, Madeleine then moved to the Warrenton/Rappahannock Area.

With degrees in veterinary technology and biology, Madeleine spent many years working, training and mentoring others at UMass Medical School in Worcester. The move south to the Mid Atlantic included a career change and expansion from academia to corporate animal health pharma sales and consulting. Having experienced and seen firsthand the results of mainstream medicine on the human and animal sides, Madeleine found that the uses of big pharma medications and medical modalities were not often the best routes for her, her family or her many dogs.  She consistently found much more down to earth, natural, effective and comfortable ways to heal and stay healthy.    

Not eating processed foods helped Madeleine grow and stay healthy and vibrant. She also found that using natural products, supplements, herbs and positive and productive natural alternatives she could age gracefully with high activity, comfort and happiness. With interests in sustainability and low carbon footstep, Madeleine encourages herself and other to live sensibly recycling and where possible re-using. By being mindful and deliberately including the love of friends, family, pets, arts, music, nature and more on a daily basis she has greatly enhanced her dogs’ and her lives. Madeleine is happy to share her practical knowledge and experiences with others.