Advanced Natural Therapies


Debra Meszaros
Bioenergetic wellness coach.

Debra Meszaros is a wellness coach certified in bioenergetics and sports nutrition. Her educational background and experience in naturopathy, quantumopathy, bioenergetics, biofeedback, and sports nutrition allows her work to go well beyond standard practice as she embraces the importance of the human body field  (bioenergetics) and the lifestyle choices that apply to the individual needs of her clients, further developing an integrative program that can accompany other therapeutic programs including drug therapy.  

A computerized whole body scanner is utilized to assess your body and body-field to identify the distortions in energy and information flow that may underlie physical and emotional issues. Within moments of scanning more than 150
results about your body and body-field in extremely detailed fashion are provided that include: 

- Major organs and organ systems
- Nutritional influences
- Musculoskeletal system
- Body-field structures
- Environmental influences, such as toxins and EMF's
- Emotions, including trauma and shock
- Energy and information control biology at the subcellular level

Session length 1 to 1 1/2 hours Includes multi-page report, recommendations and
help files | $150

After obtaining the wealth of information the "Total Wellness Assessment" provides we then develop a "Complete Wellness Program", taking full advantage of the information provided in your report.

We map out a plan of action that includes 3 follow up scans to monitor progress and the use of the NES MiHealth, a compact handheld PEMF (pulse electro-magnetic frequency) device, to aid the body in releasing energy blockages, stimulate trigger points and help bring your body's oscillators back to normal.  

Each follow up session length is 30 minutes. Total cost for all the "Complete Wellness Program" sessions | $240